Blackguards 2 Fix usb gamepad issue

Blackguards 2 for PC video game. If your gamepad is not detected by video game, then you can fix this with a gamepad emulator. How to get that emulator ? you need to download it from here (download both files if you are not sure about your operating system version x86 = 32 bits and x64 = 64 bits) to game folder where is located on hard drive and follow our entire guide to learn how to use it corectly.


How to install gamepad fix / patch

1. All downloaded files must be copied to folder where you have video game installed, otherwise will not working at all !!

2. Now must extract all downloaded files (use this if you don`t know how to do)

3. Normaly you just need to run executable and save config then your gamepad should working fine now but if something goes wrong, run x360cex64.exe or x32 and configure your gamepad including update from internet.

Example of game location is :

Computer\Program Files (x86)\Blackguards 2\

Attention ! Blackguards 2.exe file must be in same folder with downloaded emulator for gamepads / controllers

If you have bought game from steam, then you should go to :

Computer\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Blackguards 2\

Problems finding your game location ? see this guide

Reminder ! Blackguards 2.exe file must be in same folder with downloaded files !

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Blackguards 2 gamepad not working

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