Microsoft VcRedist 2012 for Video Games and programs

2012 version is also very important to get rid of so many errors that can occur when playing a video game or when you start the video game and to fix some errors, you need to download vc2012 from here (all versions packager) or from here (both versions ! for 32 bits and for 64 bits) or you can download individualy from microsoft website for any version of windows !


How to install downloaded vcredist 2012 version !

1. Just run it and follow screen instructions, then restart your pc or laptop / notebook.



You get error and you can`t install any version of vcredist 2012 ? Try to run downloaded file as administrator to complete the install process.

How to run as administrator vcredist 2012 ? Keep right mouse click pressed:

vcredist_x64.exe 2012 / vcredist_x64.exe 2012

and then select :

Run as Administrator

Game Vcredists 2012

If you don`t have administrator rights, then i suggest to reinstall windows or get admin rights from administrator of computer ...example : your mother, your father, brother etc..

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Good Luck and Enjoy !

Download Game Vcredists 2012 for Windows - Free download

Download Microsoft Visual C++ for all windows versions and for Free !


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