How to fix game crashes or to fix stuttering

The only way to fix tons of lag, stuttering, crashes is to update your video card driver or to reinstall current driver because is not installed corectly ! How to install driver corectly ? Follow our guide to learn that for free with free downloads. First download video card detector from here and then download amd driver from here and nvdia driver from here. Now is time to download video driver cleaner from here.


How to install:

1. First you must learn how to UNINSTALL corectly !

1a. Download this free uninstaller, look for nvidia or amd driver and uninstall it, and after uninstall is completed, use power scan and delete all remaining files / registry then restart your machine.

2. Run downloaded video driver cleaner from above and select YES to restart your PC or Laptop to safe mode

3. In safe mode, the program will pop-up and select first option and then wait to restart in normal mode.

4. Install downloaded video graphics driver and restart your machine

5 ? Play video games without lag, crashes, spikes, stutteting and so on.

Here is a screenshot to see how is it

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How to fix game crashes or to fix stuttering - Download included


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