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Lucius 2. You get one of these errors:  LuciusII.exe has stopped working or LuciusII.exe is not responding or LuciusII.exe game crashing to desktop, white screen crash, blue screen crash, black screen crash ? then first thing to do is to download and install vcredists from here, dx and framework from here and also you must update your video / graphics card driver (learn here). Also if this error cannot be solved, you can try to solve this issue by following this guide.

That`s it ! to solve your problem you need to :  (you have download links above)

1. Install vcredists all versions from 2005 to 2013

2. Install DirectX update and latest version of .NET Framework

Update ! Uninstall video game with this tool, and use powerful scan ! is very important to delete all files that game was installed !!

Update 2 ! Found new way to fix stopped working, crashing to desktop or is not responding ! Try this.

3. Update or reinstall your video graphics driver

4. Check your hard disk for errors with this. And if a problem is found, let the software to fix it !

5. Try to reinstall Lucius 2 after you have done all that.

Lucius 2 crash to desktop,  has stopped working, is not responding

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Lucius 2

Lucius 2

Also this guide can solve these errors :

Lucius 2 Game is crash from time to time, once in a while, game is freezing periodically, freeze at intervals, game freezing often, Lucius 2 keeps crashing, random crash to desktop

Lucius 2. issue, LuciusII.exe has stopped working, Lucius 2 crashing, LuciusII.exe is not responding error, Lucius 2 is running badly, lag or stuttering fix, Lucius 2 black screen crash, Lucius 2 spikes and crashes, 

Lucius 2

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