Pillars of Eternity for PC / Windows


Pillars of Eternity. You get one of these errors:  PillarsOfEternity.exe has stopped working or PillarsOfEternity.exe is not responding or PillarsOfEternity.exe game crashing to desktop, white screen crash, blue screen crash, black screen crash ? then first thing to do is to download and install vcredists from here, dx and framework from here and also you must update your video / graphics card driver (learn here). Also if this error cannot be solved, you can try to solve this issue by following this guide.

That`s it ! to solve your problem you need to :  (you have download links above)

1. Install vcredists all versions from 2005 to 2013

2. Install DirectX update and latest version of .NET Framework

Update ! Uninstall video game with this tool, and use powerful scan ! is very important to delete all files that game was installed !!

Update 2 ! Found new way to fix stopped working, crashing to desktop or is not responding ! Try this.

3. Update or reinstall your video graphics driver

4. Check your hard disk for errors with this. And if a problem is found, let the software to fix it !

5. Try to reinstall Pillars of Eternity after you have done all that.

Pillars of Eternity crash to desktop,  has stopped working, is not responding

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Pillars of Eternity

Pillars of Eternity

Also this guide can solve these errors :

Pillars of Eternity Game is crash from time to time, once in a while, game is freezing periodically, freeze at intervals, game freezing often, Pillars of Eternity keeps crashing, random crash to desktop

Pillars of Eternity. issue, PillarsOfEternity.exe has stopped working, Pillars of Eternity crashing, PillarsOfEternity.exe is not responding error, Pillars of Eternity is running badly, lag or stuttering fix, Pillars of Eternity black screen crash, Pillars of Eternity spikes and crashes, 

Pillars of Eternity

Article created on 2015-03-24 by Victor G



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